About me

A maker of fine wands

It all started with a Harry Potter convention. I hooked up a plain pine dowel to a drill press and, with some sandpaper and patience, I managed to craft my very first wand. Between the amount of compliments that I received on it, coupled with my own spiritual calling lead to my light-bulb moment: "What if I did this for real?"

I did some research, upgraded my equipment, and went about teaching myself the art of wood turning. It proved hypnotic, and in doing so I knew that I had found a calling. 


I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to own a high quality wand.  Each wand is uniquely crafted.  They each have their own unique personality and power to it, between the unique woods and design.



The name Rifinnheim is an amalgamation of the Icelandic words for "raven" and "home".  To me, crows and ravens have always held a spiritual significance and have served as guides and protectors to many cultures throughout history.  I wanted to create a name that connects to the spiritual realm of mysticism and witchcraft, while honoring the myths and lore of ages long past.