Card of the Week 8/24: The Moon

XVIII- The Moon

A shining light in the darkness, illuminating the night with the reflected light of the sun, The Moon is a symbol of illusions and intuition. It is a symbol of reflection, both in the sense of looking back at your own actions and life, and in the sense of actual reflected images.

The Moon tells us to not accept things purely as they are on the surface - what you see isn't always the truth. While outwardly calm and serene, what lurks below the surface can be dangerous. The shadows that lurk in the dark are pushed away by the light of the moon, but that doesn't mean they are banished fully. They still lurk on the edges of the moon's light, waiting for the smallest gap to slip back in and whisper their truths into your ear. Both the moon and the shadows present two sides to the same truth: Neither has the full story, and each wish to lead you down their own path away from the full truth. Trust your own intuition and make your own judgements.

The Moon is a Major Arcana, thus it is connected to the major events and people in our lives. Keep in mind those who would seek to hide the truth from you: those who instead shine their own version of the truth upon you. Make your own decisions, but do so based on the actual truth. The real story lies somewhere in between the two sides of light and dark.

Original artwork by Tom LaRosa

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