Card of the Week 8/31: Justice

XI- Justice

Justice is a powerful concept. It stands in the face of inequality and passes judgement on those that violate the law. Lately her name has been thrown around a lot and in her name a lot of individuals have been victimized and persecuted in what can only be described as a flagrant display of injustice. Justice has had enough. She seeks to tear down the system that invokes her name and fails to deliver.

She carries the scales in one hand, her sword ready at her hip. The scale represents the promise of equality that should be afforded to every individual before the law. The sword represents her willingness to protect that equality at all costs. She seeks to uphold the truth and the equality that has been made a mockery of.

As a Major Arcana, Justice represents a turning point in your life or someone who is close to you. While you go through this week, think about the truths justice that have been thrown around. Prepare to cut the chains of injustice and stand with Justice.

Original artwork by Tom LaRosa

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