Card of the Week 8/3: The Wheel

X- The Wheel

The Wheel is a symbol of change. Just as the wheel on a vehicle is constantly turning, so does the wheel of time. Spring gives way into summer, into fall, into winter, and again into spring, just as the sun and moon continue their dance of day and night.

These are turbulent times we live in. Between the global pandemic, protests against corruption, economic crisis, and not to mention the environmental issues that we as a species have inflicted upon our world, we are living in a period of great change - a message made clear by The Wheel.

However, the card does not say that things will just magically fall into your lap. If you want to see change in your own world, you must be the agent of change. Use your spark to channel that shift in your life.

As you go through your life this week, think about what changes you would like to see and how you can go about manifesting them. Alternatively, think about how things have changed in your life within recent history: What changes have you noticed, and what change would you like to see?

Original artwork by Tom LaRosa

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